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  1. Annelize Germishuys
    January 27, 2012

    Hi there! thank you so much for all the VERY usefull info! I enjoy learning as we go!

    We are living in South Africa and had a Near drown about a year and a half ago. We have, how ever, had a totally recoverd baby at the end. The drowning Specialist at the hospital we were flown to called ours a SUCCESSFULL Near-drowning….not that this term is generally used, but it was EXACTLY describing what happen!

    My son was submersed for maybe 3-5 min in cold (9’C) swimming pool water. No reaction and no pulse when taken out. layman’s CPR was done immediatly. Total time before fully resused was about an hour and a half. He was kept in a medically induced coma for 9 days, and treated with the hypothermal (cold) bubble wrap suit –

    We had him tested a year after the accident and the findings confirmed what we expected: 100% NO fall out after the ordeal! (Praise God!)

    Is this an unusual term to you too?

    • The SMF Team
      January 30, 2012

      Thanks Annelize,

      We are glad to hear your baby has had such a successful outcome.

      The whole purpose of writing this piece was because of the variety of language. Technically your son has had a “drowning without morbidity”, but no matter which way you describe it your baby is one of the lucky ones, and we are happy for you.

      There will be some follow up information on here in the near future about the impacts of cold water vs warm water in drownings.

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