May 14, 2015

Non-fatal drowning incident serves as a reminder as the weather warms up


  As the weather warms up so too does the rate of fatal and non-fatal drowning. While drowning is a year round concern for young children the warmer months of the year are the peak period as the water becomes more and more attractive to children and family events begin to revolve around back yard […]

Drowning – Three bathtub deaths in two weeks

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Bathtub drowning deaths contribute to horror start to 2012 A number of recent child drowning deaths have occurred in bathtubs, contributing to the horrific start to 2012. Two deaths in Sydney in two days A nine month old baby died after drowning in a bathtub at Illawong in Sydneys south on Jan 14, followed by […]

It takes this much water for a child to drown

This Much

Do you know how much water it takes for a child to drown?     It takes this much…….. That’s right it only takes that much water in a pool, bathtub, nappy bucket, play pool, bucket, bin, beach, dam or any other source of water… Supporting the launch and sharing of this campaign The Samuel […]

CPR Knowledge saves the day!

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A Queensland Families story is another reminder about the importance of knowing CPR… The Following text by Sue Harris appeared in the Central and North Burnett Times on 14th July “The toddler was face-down in the bathtub and not breathing. As this scene from a real-life horror movie flashed before a Mundubbera family, it was the […]

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