January 29, 2015

What drowning really looks like; A first hand account


Despite research and some good media around previous posts about what drowning really looks like, it is a sad reality that most people simply don’t know. It is easy to talk about what drowning looks like from an observers point of view. However, one journalist recently experienced her own scare while at a public pool with […]

Non-fatal drowning incident serves as a reminder as the weather warms up


  As the weather warms up so too does the rate of fatal and non-fatal drowning. While drowning is a year round concern for young children the warmer months of the year are the peak period as the water becomes more and more attractive to children and family events begin to revolve around back yard […]

How many children?

Royal Life Society of Australia released the National Drowning Report yesterday. The good news is that the report shows a decline in the deaths of children aged 0-4. in 2013/14 twenty Australian children aged 0-4 lost their lives to drowning. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2008) shows that for every drowning death there […]

NSW its time to register your pool!


  Recent changes to the NSW Swimming Pools Act came into force today, Monday 29 April. Pool Owners Must Register Their Pool As part of the changes all NSW Pool Owners are required to undertake a self certification check, and then register their swimming pool on the NSW Governments Swimming Pool Register Website. There are […]

Play it safe around the water this Easter


Happy Easter… Please play it safe around water! The Samuel Morris Foundation wishes everyone a very happy Easter. The weather has been amazing, and lots of people will be heading off to enjoy the Easter break around pools, beaches, rivers and dams. People will be swimming, diving, kayaking, boating, surfing etc. Unfortunately every year as […]

Manslaughter charges following toddler drowning.

Kids can drown in inflatable pools too! Drowning Prevention Messages

Media Release: Armidale Pool Owner Charged with Manslaughter after Toddler Drowning Following the tragic death of an Armidale toddler days after a near drowning in May, it has now been reported that the owner of the property on which the pool was located has been charged with manslaughter. It is alleged that the pool at […]

Drowning – Three bathtub deaths in two weeks

Bathtub safety tips at www.samuelmorrisfoundation.org.au

Bathtub drowning deaths contribute to horror start to 2012 A number of recent child drowning deaths have occurred in bathtubs, contributing to the horrific start to 2012. Two deaths in Sydney in two days A nine month old baby died after drowning in a bathtub at Illawong in Sydneys south on Jan 14, followed by […]

Spreading the drowning prevention message

image by BigTallGuy @ flickr

Spreading the drowning prevention message The Samuel Morris Foundation is working with the Australian Medical Association, Royal Life Saving Society  and KidSafe and the NSW Ombudsman in a joint media event, being held at KidSafe House in the grounds of the Childrens Hospital at Westmead to promote drowning prevention messages to reduce the number of drownings […]

It takes this much water for a child to drown

This Much

Do you know how much water it takes for a child to drown?     It takes this much…….. That’s right it only takes that much water in a pool, bathtub, nappy bucket, play pool, bucket, bin, beach, dam or any other source of water… Supporting the launch and sharing of this campaign The Samuel […]

Drowning prevention – Inflatable pool claims toddlers life

Kids can drown in inflatable pools too! Drowning Prevention Messages

Inflatable pool claims the life of a toddler. Sadly another Australian toddler has lost their life to a drowning. Following a near drowning incident in an inflatable pool in Morpeth NSW on Friday, the 16 month old boys life support was switched off on Saturday and he passed away. Deciding to switch of your childs […]

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