May 14, 2015

Let’s be clear about drowning and non-fatal drowning!

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Today a post appeared in the online version of Woman’s Day referring to a child almost dying in her sleep and referring to a “delayed drowning”… Firstly we must say that we are glad that Harper Svilicic has made a full recovery, and we are grateful for her mothers efforts to raise awareness….   However, it […]

Media Release: NSW Govt decision continues to risk children’s lives


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 26 February 2015 NSW Government delay to implementation of Pool Safety Regulations for Sale and Lease of property continue to put childrens lives at risk Samuel Morris Foundation Managing Director, Michael Morris, said “Today the NSW Government announced a delay to the implementation of provisions requiring a certificate of compliance for […]

What drowning really looks like; A first hand account


Despite research and some good media around previous posts about what drowning really looks like, it is a sad reality that most people simply don’t know. It is easy to talk about what drowning looks like from an observers point of view. However, one journalist recently experienced her own scare while at a public pool with […]

How many children?

Royal Life Society of Australia released the National Drowning Report yesterday. The good news is that the report shows a decline in the deaths of children aged 0-4. in 2013/14 twenty Australian children aged 0-4 lost their lives to drowning. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2008) shows that for every drowning death there […]

Manslaughter charges following toddler drowning.

Kids can drown in inflatable pools too! Drowning Prevention Messages

Media Release: Armidale Pool Owner Charged with Manslaughter after Toddler Drowning Following the tragic death of an Armidale toddler days after a near drowning in May, it has now been reported that the owner of the property on which the pool was located has been charged with manslaughter. It is alleged that the pool at […]

Drowning, Non-Fatal Drowning, Near Drowning – Is there a difference?


When talking about drowning and trying to make a distinction between those that die and those that survive following a submersion there have always been some problems associated with the language used. There have been multiple terms associated with drowning, and different ways of describing the outcomes associated with a submersion. In this post we […]

Near Drowning – Good news stories or fuelling public misconception ?


Drowning / Near Drowning a horror start to 2012 Around the country since the start of 2012 children have lost their lives in backyard swimming pools, baths, rivers and dams around the country and there have been numerous near drowning incidents. The NSW Ambulance service alone has reported that they have responded to 54 near […]

Renewed inflatable pool warning following toddler near drowning

Kids can drown in inflatable pools too! Drowning Prevention Messages

      Renewed warning on inflatable / temporary pools following near drowning – Western Sydney   Key points   2 year old boy hospitalised after a near drowning in Airds – Western Sydney Near Drowning occurs in temporary pool Renewed call for vigilance around requirements for fencing of inflatable /temporary pools Renewed call for […]

It takes this much water for a child to drown

This Much

Do you know how much water it takes for a child to drown?     It takes this much…….. That’s right it only takes that much water in a pool, bathtub, nappy bucket, play pool, bucket, bin, beach, dam or any other source of water… Supporting the launch and sharing of this campaign The Samuel […]

The Water Lily – Henry Lawson


On this day… September 2, in 1922 one of Australia’s best known writers, Henry Lawson died.  Henry Lawson Henry Lawson was born on 17 June 1867, on the Grenfell goldfields in New South Wales. He became one of Australia’s best-known fiction writers of the colonial period. Most of his works dwelt on the Australian bush, accurately […]

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